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Plymouth Half Marathon News

*** Plymouth schools half marathon challenge 2020***

Hi all, I just wanted to update you regarding the Plymouth schools half marathon challenge. As you are aware many things have been cancelled and this is one of them, however, our children were lucky enough with the weather to have done their 12 miles and be ready for the hoe early. All the childrens hard work will not go to waste, and we will be running the final mile more than likely in September or October either after school or at the weekend down at tothill. The children will receive their t-shirts, medals and goodie bags as normal at this event. I understand year six won't be with us but they will be invited back and probably have a lovely last memory for of Salisbury road. For the rest of us will get the final mile done and then be ready for the next challenge.

Any questions please ask and I will try to answer them.
Many thanks Mr Taylor, Mr Williams and Mr Morgan

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