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Welcome to Year 4

Welcome Back!


We hope you have all had a fantastic Easter break and are ready to start a new term full of learning.  


We have some exciting new topics in geography and science where we will be learning fun facts about 'Rivers' and investigating 'Living Things in their Habitats'. The children this term will be visiting Dartmoor to see in person how the water cycle works in and around the world.


We are looking forward to a fun packed term and look forward to all the opportunities we will be giving you to learn :)


Year 4 Team

Underpinning all our learning and time together is our school values, they are also linked to our Dojo rewards. We will learn about and celebrate examples of each value daily.


The value for this term is 'Unity'.


What does it mean to belong?

What can I do to make others feel that they belong?





This term, we are going to be studying the 'Flotsam' book by David Wiesner and investigating information text.



Our unit on the 'Flotsam' focuses on the children's power of description as it is only a picture book. The children will deploy their knowledge of metaphors, similes, expanded noun phrases and subordinate clauses into their writing.


Throughout their learning, the children will focus on deepening their knowledge even further on fronted adverbials, prepositions, subordinate clauses and expanded noun phrases. 



This term we will be carrying on to learn their multiplication facts and their knowledge of our timetables. The children shall on building upon their knowledge of shapes and angles from Year 3.



They will then continue to investigate fractions and starting to look at subtracting or adding fractions together.



Please don't forget to keep practising your times tables - these are VERY important!

Challenge yourself to beat your classmates on TTRS.



This term we will be learning all about living things and their habitats...


The children will be focusing on different aspects of living things by looking at these different questions/topics:


  • Grouping living organisms in a variety of ways

  • Exploring and use classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things in their local and wider environment

  • Understanding why environments can change

  • Recognising that environments can change and that this can sometimes pose dangers to living things





This term we will be finding out all about the Rivers and the Water Cycle. Our big question is...


How does a river change on its journey to the sea?


All of our topic learning will focus around this question and the children will learn all about the sources of rivers, the ways in which erosion can have an effect and rivers feed into the sea.




Homework will be given to the children every Tuesday and will either consolidate their learning in school or extend their learning further. It will be expected back to school on the following Monday. 


Sometimes, the homework may need to be completed via teams and other times it may be on paper or be a project to complete. 


If you ever have any concerns about your child's homework, please speak to their class teacher. 



Please remember to read at home four times a week to an adult. It is also really important that you record your reading in your reading record so your teacher can see how much you are reading at home. If you have read four times in a week, you will earn a raffle ticket for the summer reading raffle and have the chance to win a brand new book!


We will be continuing to practise our reading skills 5x a week using VIPERS to help us.







Year 4 Spelling


Children will receive weekly spellings with their test taking place on a Monday. 

Each week, they will have four spellings which follow the current rule they are learning and the other six words will comprise from the statutory list from the national curriculum. 


We will teach the children strategies which will help them to learn their spellings. 


** For the children having phonics sessions, they will be given a list of spellings by their phonics teacher each week**




Year 4 will have PE on a Tuesday afternoon. However, this occasionally may change so please ensure they have their PE kit in school everyday.

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