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Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 at Salisbury Road

We are overjoyed at the fact that we are back in school and learning altogether. Things are getting back to normal!

In year 6, in the Autumn term, we are focusing on our History topic which is World War 2. Our overarching question while learning about WW2 is ‘Lest We Forget?’. There are some fascinating and truly horrifying facts that will be learnt but it is part of our History, both as a country and as the historical city of Plymouth. We will be using our historical skills and concepts to unpick and understand the facts and knowledge provided.   

These are our Values at Salisbury Road

Underpinning all of our learning and time together are our school values. They are also linked to our Dojo rewards. Will will learn about and celebrate examples of each value daily.

Respect is our current termly value.

We have two key questions that we will discuss this term:


What does respect mean to me?


How do I show respect to others?


This term, we will be building on all the brilliant learning you did in year 5. We will be covering a range of objectives from across the curriculum to solidify and extend your understanding. Our maths targets this term are focused around working with decimals - we will be recapping this regularly with the hope that we can work with decimals confidently! 


Times tables are so important to many areas of maths and you need to be able to have quick recall. Keep using Times Tables Rock Stars several times a week so you can recall your times tables as quickly as possible. We will celebrate TTRS Champions within class.



During English this term, we will first be focusing an information text and then descriptive writing. Vocabulary will be a huge focus - so look forward to exploring the wonderful world of words!  Following this, we will be learning to write recounts based on a trip to The Box and WW2 day. Of course, underpinning all of this will be our SPACEWAVESLAVE writing tools - which we will be aiming to include in all of our written work. :-)  




We will be exploring the topics of Electricity and Light. For our Electricity topic, we will learn about circuits,  their components, voltage, resistance and electrical safety. When looking at Light, we will find out about its properties and have the opportunity to explore its properties,  and uses. We will also learn about the scientist Marie Curie and her experiments with radioactivity and the introduction of X-Rays.



In reading this term, our class book is  'Letters from the Lighthouse' by Emma Carroll. This is a thrilling mystery woven into historical fiction; World War II; understanding the experiences of evacuees and refugees; exploring the importance of empathy and what it means to be human. We will be reading this during our daily reading lessons, along with focusing on the key skills of reading: VIPERS (vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and sequencing/summarising).


Reading at home is so important for many reasons and we ask that you read regularly (minimum 4 times a week) at home. Prizes are up for grabs at the end of the term for those that do this! Remember, the more often you read, the sooner you get to quiz on AR and move up those levels! 



Autumn Term: Reading Stimulus


This term we will learn about World War II. We are travelling back in time to research, explore and learn about World War II. We will also link some artwork and Deign Technology to this topic; children will have the opportunity to step back in time as evacuees, create and evaluate Anderson shelters and have a 'street party' to celebrate D-Day!




In PSHE. we will be learning about celebrating differences within our Jigsaw unit of work. 



We are fortunate this term to be linking to our WWII topic and singing. Children will learn some really enjoyable and fun WWII songs and explore differing techniques that can be utilised to perform these songs. 



PE kits will need to be in school each week. PE will be on Thursday afternoons this term and we will be developing skills using our core strength to play ball games. 


Other Information


During this first half term, home learning is going to remain solely: reading, times tables and spelling practise. As this is a lighter than normal load for homework, we really are expecting a minimum of four log ins to TTRS, signatures in reading records and daily spelling practise to prepare for the weekly test on Friday. 


We are very much looking forward to what should be a 'normal' term in school - fingers crossed. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us via Dojo or email. Thanks for your co-operation.



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