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Reading for Pleasure

Our learners explore and develop an interest in reading and become equipped at evaluating their likes and dislikes, taking their love of reading further. Book talk is invaluable and learners are given time to discuss what they have read to enable them to fully appreciate and comprehend what they read. Our teachers expertly support the children to become fluent readers, who comprehend what they read. They enthuse learners to become readers for themselves and allow children to sit back and be taken to other worlds when engaging with inspiring texts. Through reading a range of carefully-selected texts, exploring texts from a range of authors and reading texts written by authors from all walks of life, pupils will gain ‘cultural capital’ that is necessary to become educated citizens and to succeed in all areas of the curriculum and in life beyond school. At Salisbury Road, we understand that reading brings to life worlds that our pupils may not have visited, ensures pupils encounter vocabulary that they may not have heard before and lead to pupils developing their inquisitive minds and broaden their experiences and knowledge of the world around them. We are passionate about bringing this to life through daily story time and whole school reading events.


Below are some useful websites to support Reading for pleasure at home as well as some top tips for reading with your children. 


1. Make books a part of family life – Always have books around at home. That way you and your children are ready to get reading, even if it’s only for ten minutes.

2. Join your local library – Get your child a library card. They’ll be able to get their hands on hundreds of fantastic books, as well as the latest video games, blu-rays and DVDs. Let them choose what they want to read to help them develop their own interests.

3. Read about something they’re interested in – Help your child find the right book for them. It doesn’t matter if it’s fiction, poetry, comic books or non-fiction.

4. All reading is good – Don’t rule out non-fiction, comics, graphic novels, magazines or leaflets. Reading is reading and it’s all worthwhile.

5. Get comfortable! – Snuggle up together somewhere warm and cosy, whether it’s in bed, on a beanbag or on the sofa. And make sure your child has somewhere comfy to read on their own too.

6. Ask questions – To keep them interested in the story, ask your child questions as you read. Start with ‘Where did we get to last time?’, ‘Can you remember what’s happened so far?’ and ‘What do you think will happen next?’.

7. Read whenever you get the chance – Have a book or magazine with you for any time your child has to wait, like at the doctor’s or the dentist.

8. Read favourites again and again – Encourage your child to re-read the books and poems they love. Re-reading helps to build fluency and confidence.

9. Enjoy bedtime stories – Read with your children at bedtime as often as you can. It’s a great way to end the day and to spend valuable time with them.

10. Make the most of rhyme and repetition – Books and poems with rhymes and repeated words or phrases are great for getting your kids to join in and remember the words.



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Each term children have the opportunity to win a brand new book. To be able to be in with a chance of winning you need to make sure you read with them at least 4 times a week. Please can then you then ensure that you sign their reading record so that we can add them into the raffle. At the end of the term each class will choose a winner and it will be presented in headteacher's assembly.





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