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Breakfast and After School Club


At Salisbury Road Primary we provide additional support for families outside regular school hours. Both our Breakfast and After School Clubs are run by teaching assistants employed by the school.


Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club runs 5 days a week.  The doors open at 7.45am and it runs until 8.45am when the children are free to enter their classrooms at the start of the school day.  The children are provided with a choice of cereals or toast with a selection of spreads and hot or cold drinks.  Breakfast club is open to all children in the school at a cost of £3.00 per morning.  Bookings are required to secure a place and must be made via the online booking system by the Sunday of the week commencing. 


After School Club

We also run a very popular After School Club which is also held in a classroom on the ground floor.   It provides parents with excellent value, high quality child care between 3.15pm – 5.45pm every day of the week.


We have two options.

Option 1 - 3.15pm - 4.30pm  - £3.50 (for first sibling) £2.50 (for any other siblings)

Option 2 - 3.15pm - 5.45pm - £5.70 (for first sibling) £4.50 (for any other siblings)

Each session is open to all age groups across the school. Due to the popularity of the club, booking in advance using the Arbor app. 


There is an exciting programme of activities in place on different days of the week, which include cooking, arts and crafts, table tennis, computing, board games and puzzles, also activities in the playground weather permitting .  


If you need an emergency place at After School Club and not booked in advance, please call school office. You will be able to book a place on the day if there are spaces remaining however, we cannot guarantee that this will be the case. 


Please note that if your child is booked into After School Club and does not attend and no cancellation has been received (48 hours in advance), a charge will still be made for the session not attended.  This is due to a large number of children being booked for places and not attending, therefore taking up valuable places that could be offered elsewhere. If your child is not collected by 5.45pm a late fee of £10.00 will be charged for the first hour and subsequently £20.00 for the next hours. 


We are now a cashless school. All bookings need to be made online using the Arbor app

Please note that any late collections will result in a fee of £10. The sessions for each week close on Monday morning at 8.30am.


Contact Information 

Reception office in school hours

01752 660566 press option 4


During Breakfast Club and After School Club

01752 825967 or if we are out in the playground please try 07519879155


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