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In response to the parent survey, Salisbury Road has changed the way we provide homework for your child. We will no longer be using the Learning Logs and instead have provided your child with a new Homework Folder.


Each Tuesday your child will be given a new piece of homework to complete. This will generally be in the form of a worksheet with clear instructions on how to complete the activity. This will be linked to your child's learning in class and will often be maths or literacy orientated.


As well as this we would like your child to continue reading to an adult daily, to practise their spellings which will be given out and tested weekly, and to practise their  number facts such as times tables.


Optional homework, such as projects or research, will also be provided for those children and parents who would like to do more outside of school.


Homework needs to be handed in each Monday and will be marked and returned with their next piece of homework each Tuesday.


Please see your child's class pages for more information.


It is  wonderful to see what the children produce each week and the learning, which takes place at home, always has a positive impact on the learning journey which takes place in school.


Thank you parents for your continued support.


Homework Expectations


  • All children are expected to read at home on a daily basis and all children now have reading diaries to complete. Reading regularly is vital as it supports children's learning across the curriculum . We now use Accelerated Reader at Salisbury Road to encourage children to read at home and to try a range of authors and genres. We really welcome dialogue with parents and carers about their children's reading- your child's reading diary is the perfect place for this!


  • All children will have spellings to learn on a weekly basis.


  • All children will need to complete one compulsory piece of maths of literacy homework which will be sent home each week. This will generally be in the form of a worksheet. 


  • All children will also need to practise their number facts such as times tables.  We now use to support learning of multiplication and division facts at home. 


  • Teachers may send home a piece of optional homework. This homework is not compulsory but is given out for those children or parents who like to do more outside of school.

Thankyou for support

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