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Welcome to Year 5


Welcome to Year 5 at Salisbury Road



It has been lovely to welcome the children back after the Easter break. After a busy spring term full of swimming and bike-ability we are looking forward to the summer term and what that has to bring. Our main topic has a geography focus. We are building on the concept of 'Place' and 'Environment' and the main topic is 'South Africa'. We are hoping that the children will enjoy learning about this fantastic place this term! We will also be looking forward to sports day and a design and technology food day.





Meet the Year 5 Team

These are our values at Salisbury Road primary school

Underpinning all of our learning and time together are our school values. They are also linked to our Dojo rewards. We will learn about and celebrate examples of each value daily and in assemblies. 


Our Values this term are:




What does belonging mean to me?

What can I do make others feel they belong?







What makes me courageous?

How can I overcome challenges?



In maths this year we will be revisiting key areas of learning in Year 4 and building on this with Year 5 learning. We will be focusing on multiplying 2,3 and 4 digit number by a 2 digit number, division, addition and subtraction through our arithmetic and flashback sessions. We also be learning about decimals, percentages and  fractions over the next term. Another part we will be looking at in depth is angles and properties of shapes.  


We also ask that children spend time practising their times tables and using TTRS when at home for 15 minutes a day. We need to know all of our times tables and division facts so that we can apply them across the Maths curriculum.



The first English unit will be  looking at newspaper reports and then move onto some poetry. We will then complete another story unit and as recount around our geography topic of South America. The children will contiune to recap and learn more about SPAG and master different types of sentences from Alan Pete. In spelling we will continue to use RWInc spelling scheme, and learn the rules for spelling and apply these in our writing.



Our Reading sessions will centre around focusing on the key skills of reading using the 'VIPERS' framework. We will use a range of texts linked to our topics and concentrate on our Year 5 target which is to make inferences about a text and justify our ideas using evidence from the text. We will also be running a class reading raffle, if your child reads four times a week and their diary is signed by you, they will receive a raffle ticket to win a book!



Other curriculum areas

Children will be studying about living things and also taking part in science week.  In ICT we will be looking at keeping ourselves safe   In RE the key question is: How do Christians decide to live? What would Jesus do? In Art we are going to look at the famous artist Romero Britto, and focus our work on line and colours. We will be creative and our final piece will be around animals from South America but in the style of Romero Britto. 


Other information

PE lessons are currently on a Monday or a Wednesday, and other sessions will happen so please have PE kit in all week. Homework will be sent out on a Tuesday either on Teams or a paper copy will be sent and need to be in the following Monday. Reading their AR books will be really important and quizzes can be done throughout the day at a convenient time. 



Any questions please contact us via dojo or email.

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