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Our inspirational scientist this term is Mae Jemison.


Check her out...


How does she inspire you? 

Inspiring scientists: Mae Jemison

Mae Jemison describes her journey from space-loving girl in Chicago to astronaut looking down on Chicago and thinking about her younger self.

Mae Jemison is a physician, engineer, educator, entrepreneur and the first woman of color in the world to go into space - she was a NASA astronaut for six years. Currently Mae devotes much of her attention to the 100 Year Starship, which she says is "pursuing an extraordinary tomorrow to create a better world today." In her spare moments, Mae is a lifelong and accomplished dancer.

Mae Jemison: First African American Woman in Space | Biography

Mae Jemison was the first African American woman to go to space but she accomplished so much more, like becoming a doctor, working at a refugee camp in Cambodia, and serving in the Peace Corps in Liberia, West Africa. Find out more about her life in this short biography.

Mae Jemison | History for Kids | Seed of Melanin Kids!

Fun science websites to try at home! 

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