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E-Safety for Children

We want our pupils at Salisbury Road Primary to know what to do if you need help. Please don't worry about things on your own. 

You can do any of the following things:

Tell a grown up you trust.

Ask one of our E-Safety Team for help. We have pupils in Year 6 you can talk to. Check out the E-Safety posters in your classrooms to find out who they are.

Press our Whisper button on this website or call Childline 0800 1111




Login for a one to one counsellor chat with Childline


Visit the Think u Know site for advice if you are worried about something


Here are some useful links for you to visit to help you understand our online world and keep yourself safe. 

   Play like Share Videos and Game 


   Stay Safe Online 


 Digi Duck's Adventures


 Follow the SMART crew on their adventures


 Think u Know 5-7 year olds


 Think u Know 8-10 year olds


 New Band Runner


 Click here if you are worried about something


Get SMART Online

Take the Get SMART Quiz

Watch Zap and Zoom 3 - 7 year olds 

How to stay safe online 

Data Detective  7-11 year olds. 

Take the Safer Internet Quiz 


Hector the Protector!

Ask a grown up to install Hector for you.

The Hector’s World Safety Button™ is a child-activated safety tool which children can use if something on-screen upsets or worries them.  The Hector’s World Safety Button is a simple executable file which you can download here for free. The file installs a swimming Hector’s World™ character  on the computer screen  A child can just click on Hector character,  who then covers the screen with a beautiful underwater scene and gives the child a positive written message,  while encouraging them to get adult help. These buttons install and uninstall very easily. Which version you use will depend on your operating system and the capacity of your computer. 


Be Internet Legends

We at Salisbury Road Primary have taken the Be Internet Legends Pledge. 



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