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Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to the Summer Term!


Welcome to another exciting term of learning! 


Our main topic has a geography focus. We are building on the concept of 'Place' and 'Environment'. The main topic is 'South Africa' and our big question is 'Would you rather live in Plymouth, UK or Cape Town, South Africa?' We are hoping that the children will enjoy learning about this fantastic place this term! 


The Year 2 Teachers and Teaching Assistants remain the same:


  • Miss Glover will be teaching 2AG.
  • Mr Kowalski and Miss Byrne will be teaching 2KB. Miss Byrne will be teaching on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and Mr Kowalski will be teaching on a Wednesday morning, Thursday and Friday.
  • Mrs Rich (our Reading Teacher) will be teaching on a Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Year 2 Teaching Assistants, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Foster, will be working with both classes across the week and Mrs Smith (Teaching Assistant) will be working in Year 2 on a Friday. 










Underpinning all of our learning and time together is our school values. They are also linked to our Class Dojo rewards. We will learn about and celebrate examples of each value daily. 


Our Values this term are:



What does belonging mean to me?

What can I do make others feel they belong?






What makes me courageous?

How can I overcome challenges?






This term we will continue to develop our phonics and early reading skills. We will practise reading every day so that we become fluent at reading. Our teachers will help us to be fluent by echo and choral reading with us. Echo reading means that our teacher will read a sentence and then we copy. Choral reading means we all read together, including the teachers! We will begin to answer questions by learning about the 6 reading comprehension skills. We remember them by saying VIPERS: Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explaining, Retrieval, Sequencing. 


In writing, we will  use the Flat Stanley stories as inspiration. The main story we will use for one unit of learning will be Flat Stanley: Stanley and the Magic Lamp. This story links perfectly with our writing unit of 'Wishing Tales'.  We will learn how to write stories that will engage the reader and allow them to see how a character can develop and change as the story progresses. We will also learn how to write 'Explanation Texts' and focus on the life cycles of various creatures. Along with this, we will also learn how to recite and write riddles. 



Our class story this term is Flat Stanley: Stanley and the Magic Lamp. We have chosen this story as it is exciting and filled with adventure. The main character is called Stanley and this is one of a series of books written by Jeff Brown. 


We will continue to learn all the spelling as detailed in the Appendix below. 





As Mathematicians, we will continue to deepen our understanding of the four calculations. We will revise our previous learning on British currency and will add amounts of pounds and pence using coins and notes. We will revise our learning on fractions and how to solve problems involving fractions. We will also broaden our understanding of shape, space and measure: this will include measuring mass, volume and capacity.


We will continue to learn mental methods to calculate with more efficiency; and we will apply this learning to a range of contexts. 


We will also continue to use Numbots and Times Table Rockstars. This will help us to practise the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We will also being to count in steps 3. 






As Scientists, we will be completing a topic on plants. We will explore what plants need to survive and conduct a science experiment to find out what the best conditions are for a plant to grow. We will learn about the different parts of the flower and what each part does.





As geographers, we will learn about the country of South Africa with a focus on the city, Cape Town.. Throughout this learning we will unpick the physical geography of Cape Town, looking at and comparing these features with Plymouth. We will also compare South Africa's climate with that of the UK and consider what it would be like to live in South Africa. This topic is particularly important as we get to take advantage of the international school links we have in South Africa! 


Here is a map of Cape Town:


Here is a picture of the famous landmark, Table Mountain:







Homework will be given out on a Tuesday. Homework activities will be posted on Teams but you can also request a paper copy, if that is more suitable. 



Spellings will be sent out for the term. Quizzes will take place each Friday.



Reading books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays as a minimum. Please ensure your child brings their book to school everyday, even if you haven't read at home. We will be reading in school everyday.


Times Table Rockstars (TTRS) and Numbots

To help your child with their times tables and number facts, your child has access to TTRS and Numbots. This is a web-based program that will help with number fact recall and times table facts. It is so much fun! If you need help with logging on, contact your child's class teacher and they will be able to help you.



PE is on Thursdays. Please ensure your child has their kit in school for this day. Every child has their own peg so they can keep their kit in school for the week/term should you wish. 

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