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Year 3

Welcome to our Home Learning page.  Here you will find ideas and activities that you can enjoy and complete at home. 

Our Home Learning

For what would have been the Easter holidays, we have compiled a selection of activities that you can pick from each day.  We know that these are difficult times, so please do what you can, as you want, when and if you are able.

Daily, it would be good to keep your brain cells working by  completing a maths activity from record answers in your book with the date x 

If you have not already done so - visit there a lots of great drawing ideas.


Why not sing as song together, learn a new song, play an instrument, make an instrument, listen to a new genre of music ( classical , Jazz, Samba) or check out the BBC's Music resources where there are videos games and activities. Don't forget to add a comment on Dojo to tell us all what you have been doing.


Spend 30 minutes reading 

PLymouth Libraries  have lots of fun resources, including a video of Austen reading Green Eggs and Ham!  You can also down load the app - Library - using this app you are able to 'borrow' ebooks to read and listen.  Throughout April you can access Harry Potter!!


      Click the picture or here for more information.


- or listen to an audio book  - Amazon's Audilble are offering free access while the schools are closed!!


Easter Activities printable version

Simple things, but lots of fun

Simple things, but lots of fun 1
Simple things, but lots of fun 2

So... Who is up for a cooking challenge? There are so many simple recipes out there with just 2 or 3 ingredients.


Why not make your own bread with just 2 ingredients!


You will need:

1 cup of self-raising flour

2/3 cup of plain or Greek yogurt


Mix to a dough and shape and cut into funky shapes

Place in the over 180 for 10mins, but keep checking!


Happy cooking! 

Easy scones

Easy scones 1 You can add any filling to them

Maddie and her amazing live Science show

Maddie and her amazing live Science show 1 Can you make your own science video? Send them in!

Year 3/4 spelling list

Year 3/4 spelling list  1

Learning spellings ideas

Learning spellings ideas 1


Gregosaurus 1
Gregosaurus 2

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