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How To Keep Yourself Safe On Messaging Apps. 


BBC Own It App

We have tested and really like the 'Own It' app.  This app will install a keyboard that can then be used across the messaging services such as WhatsApp and will prompt the user if their message is unkind. We think this is a brilliant!

 We hope you enjoy it. 


WhatsApp Advice

For helpful advice on WhatsApp we recommend the Internet Matters Parental Guide which you can download from this site or from this page.


WhatsApp have now introduced some new features which you may find helpful. 

You can now have better control on group invites. The 'Nobody' option has changed to My 'Contacts Except'. This gives the user better control over who can add them to groups. The invites will then be sent via personal chat and the user will have three days to accept or decline the invitation. 





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