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Welcome to Year 1


Welcome to the Summer Term in Year 1, we have lots of exciting learning ahead!  


Our main topic in Geography is 'Hot and Cold places' and our big question is: 'What are hot and cold places like?' 

We will be identifying and naming the 7 continents and 5 oceans. We will also explore a range of countries across the different continents to discover whether they are hot or cold and what they are like. Threaded through all our learning will be the key concepts and vocabulary needed to support the children to understand and discuss their learning. 

In Art, we will be print making using lots of different techniques to create effects. We will also explore the concept of colour in more detail, identifying and using hot and cold colours. 

In Science, we will be exploring different materials and their properties, testing the materials and choosing which is best for a particular purpose.

Underpinning all our learning and time together is our school values, they are also linked to our Dojo rewards. We will learn about and celebrate examples of each value daily.


This terms value is 'unity'

We have two key questions that we will discuss this term:

What does belonging mean to me?

What can I do to make others feel they belong?

Reading at Home

It is really important to read with your child regularly and develop their love of reading. As a school we encourage children to read for 10-20 minutes on most days. We will change books on Monday and Thursday in Year 1 and the children are responsible for putting their finished book in the book tray to be changed. Children will be given a reading book matched to their phonic ability and are encouraged to re-read their books to improve their fluency. There will also be questions at the back of the book to support their comprehension skills. 

Please let the class teacher know if you have any questions or would like to know ways to engage your child with reading at home or further develop their comprehension skills through questioning.


Follow the link to our RWInc Phonics page for more information about the teaching of phonics, through the RWInc programme, at Salisbury Road. You can also find resources to support your child's phonics and reading at home. 

English and Phonics

In English, we will use our Sentence Superheroes to write super sentences about the stories we read. We will also be learning about finding stories this term and we will plan and write our own to share with our friends in Foundation. We will also create thematic poems linked to our learning about the wonderful world in RE. 


In our RWInc phonic sessions, we will continue to learn our sounds and apply them to our reading. We will read a RWInc phonics storybook, matched to our reading needs, everyday. We will also continue to use our phonics to strengthen our writing skills.



As Mathematicians, we will be building our number knowledge and working within numbers to 100, counting forwards and backwards from any given number. We will also build our multiplication and division knowledge, solving problems and number calculations. We will also be learning about fractions and will find a half and a quarter of shapes and amounts by sharing equaling. We will also continue building our core addition and subtraction skills, solving problems and missing number calculations. 



To help the children's learning and recall of basic number facts, we'd like the children to use Numbots at home for 15 minutes a week. This doesn't need to be 15 minutes all at once - you could do 3 X 5 minutes or 1 X 10 minutes + 1 X 5 minutes etc.

Please encourage your child to play as much as possible, it is a really fun game and it will further support your child's confidence and fluency with number and calculations.  

If you misplace their login details at any point, please let your class teacher know. 

Geography - 'Hot and Cold Places'

As Geographers, we will be exploring and answering the big question: 'What are hot and cold places like?'  We will be identify the 7 continents and 5 oceans and explore  a range of countries across the different continents to discover whether they are hot or cold and what they are like as a result. We will think about how close these countries are to the equator and what difference that makes to their climate


Homework will be set each week on a Tuesday (to be completed by the following Monday) and will mostly consist of an English, Phonics or Maths activity lasting no longer than about 20 minutes. As well as paper based tasks, we will also be setting homework using Microsoft Teams, there will be a range of activities, from reading, quizzes and links to websites. If you have any problems accessing online learning then please let your class teacher know.

In addition to reading and spelling practice on most days. Once or twice a term, we will also embrace opportunities to set more creative homework tasks – so get your glue and paint at the ready!



We will be learning spellings daily in school with a test once a week. They will be given out on a Friday and tested on the following Friday. These words will be linked to the year 1 common exception words outlined in the NC. They will also include high frequency words that they read and spell often. 



We will have PE once a week on a Wednesday.  Please ensure that PE kit is in school at the start of each week and is left at school during the week.


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