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Could you imagine living on another planet?


Last month, Nasa’s £1.9 billion rover mission successfully landed on Mars after its seven-month, 290-million-mile journey from Earth. The rover, named Perseverance is packed with ground-breaking technology. The mission marks an ambitious first step in the effort to collect samples from Mars and return them to Earth. It is thought that life forms from Earth could temporarily survive a Mars-like atmosphere.

This Week’s Useful Vocabulary


Ambitious – having a strong desire and determination for success and achievement.
Atmosphere – a planet’s atmosphere is the layer of air and gas around it.
Crew – the crew of a ship, spacecraft, aircraft is the people who work on it.
Explore – if you explore a place, you find out what it is like.
Mission – an important assignment or task, especially one that involves travelling to another country.
Temporary – something temporary only lasts for a limited time; it is not permanent.

You might like to use the following sheets to help jot down ideas/key facts when watching the assemblies.

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