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This week's learning w/b Monday 13th July 2020

Hello Everyone,

Please find below this week's activities.  Click on the links below to visit the suggested websites and click on the PDFs to download the resources.

Year  Foundation

Weekly Learning Activities

Virtual Assembly 


Oracy & Writing


  • Use the whole school  writing inspiration to :
  • Discuss the questions on the Writing Inspiration Sheet
  • Choose at least one writing challenge to complete each week from the Writing Challenges sheet (in the learning resources below)



Theme - All around the world!

  • Each week complete at least one challenge in the Maths Challenges section - Numbers to 100
  • Spend 10 minutes, daily on Numbots


Complete at least one of these activities each week

UW - Talk about where we live in the world. Find Plymouth on Google maps and discuss where is it compared to other countries in the world. Complete the 'Where am I on the map?' work booklet'

EAD  -  Research a country of your choice and imagine you are going on holiday there. List or draw the objects you would take in your suitcase. Think carefully about what you will need.


Keeping Active

Communication and Language

  • Use Jasmine to complete an activity.
  • Joe Wicks
  • Go Noodle
  • Cosmic kids yoga on YouTube
  • Go for a walk/scoot/cycle 


  • In Early Years, playing, talking and taking turns are key elements of the curriculum
  • Spend time everyday making up stories whilst playing with your toys. Think about the following:
    • What are the characters called?
    • What happens to them and how are they feeling in the story? 
    • What do they say to each other?

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