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Previous weeks learning - W/b Monday 1st February 2021

Hello Everyone,

Please find the outline for this weeks expectations below. All of our activities and resources are saved in the resources folder at the bottom of the page.



Oracy and Writing

  • Daily Phonics sessions - click link ( Please see your Dojo message to ensure you start on the right videos.
  • Daily Reading - please read stories at home with your child. You can find lots of stories online. We have access to the Oxford Reading Owl. Use your log in to access a range of books that relate to your child’s phonic level.
  • Reading pack – we have given each child copies of 12 reading books. Please read 2 of these a week. Reading a book multiple times is the best way to help your child develop pace, fluency and expression.
  • Listen to your child’s class teacher reading a story online - link will be posted on dojo weekly.
  • Listen to the story ‘Astro Girl’ can you retell the story? What was your favourite part?
  • Red words – Watch the red words session video (in learning resources) and complete the activity!


Watch Miss Gossage read ‘Astro Girl’ in the learning resources folder below. Use the oracy PowerPoint to talk about different jobs you might like to do when you get older. Use the sentence stem “I want to be…because…”



  • Watch the writing session video (in the learning resources below) and make sure you have listened to the story of Astro Girl.
  • Can you write a sentence about what you might like to be when you get older. Remember to use your sentence stems and superheroes.

Red words – Watch the red words session video (in learning resources) and complete the activity!


Theme - Space

Maths this week is focussing on consolidating our numbers 11-20. Please watch one video per day and complete the challenges. See the learning resources folder below for videos and activities.

  • Spend 10 minutes, daily on Numbots.


Complete at least one of these activities each week


EAD: – Can you design your very own planet? You can paint/draw a picture of your planet and the write a sentence about it.

My planet would be made of Toblerone chocolate and lots of animals would live on it (especially cats)!


BI: Draw/paint or make a creature that might live on your made-up planet.


Children’s mental health week: This week we are asking all the children to decorate a jigsaw puzzle piece. The idea is to decorate the puzzle piece with drawings of things you enjoy e.g. I am going to draw some cats, chocolate and running trainers on my piece. Once completed we are then asking children to put them up in your front room windows. Can you go on a walk around your area and find as many SRPS jigsaw pieces as you can? Just a lovely reminder we are all part of the Salisbury Road jigsaw and we all fit together to make our school the wonderful place it is!


Keeping Active

Communication and Language

  • Joe Wicks
  • Go Noodle
  • Cosmic kids yoga on YouTube
  • Go for a walk/scoot/cycle/swim


  • In Early Years, playing, talking and taking turns are key elements of the curriculum. 
  • Spend time everyday making up stories whilst playing with your toys. Think about the following:
    • What are the characters called?
    • What happens to them and how are they feeling in the story? 
    • What do they say to each other?


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