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The different areas of learning

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)


The EYFS covers children's progression from birth to 5 years old. We use a document called development matters to track children's progression and help them to achieve the early learning goals (ELG).

Development matters “identifies the developing knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes that children will need if they are to achieve the early learning goals by the end of the EYFS.”


There are 17 ELG the children need to achieve by the end of foundation.



1.Communication and language (CL): Speaking/Listening and Attention/Understanding

2.Physical development (PD): Moving and handling/Health and self care

3.Personal Social and Emotional Development (PSED): Self confidence and self awareness/Making relationships/managing feelings and behaviour



1.Literacy (L): Reading and Writing

2.Maths (M): Number and Shape, space and measure

3.Understanding the World (UW): People and Communities/The World/Technology

4.Expressive Arts and Design (EAD): Exploring media and materials/Being imaginative


Our environment is very important to us and we have worked incredibly hard to create a fantastic learning space to support all children with developing the ELGs.


Let's take a look at our learning spaces...

Creative corner

Creative corner 1
Picture 1
Here we can explore the use of different tools: scissors, paint brushes, staplers and so on. We can explore colour and texture by creating collages and junk models. We use paint, crayons, pencils, felt tip pens, pastels and much more!

Sensory dome

Sensory dome 1
The sensory dome is a calm space for the children to enjoy. We have twinkly lights, interesting smells, coloured screens and a variety of textures for the children to explore throughout their free play. 

Literacy area

Literacy area 1
Our reading and writing area is a cozy den where the children can snuggle up and enjoy a good book. We have a variety of writing equipment and paper for the children to explore mark making and we encourage children to write and read both independently and with the support of an adult or friend. 

Music corner

Music corner 1
In the Music corner we have access to a wide range of musical instruments, from the piano to maracas. Music helps us to develop important skills such as listening, phonological awareness, expressing emotion and creativity; which are the first stepping stones in becoming an effective learner. 

Snack area

Snack area 1
Throughout the day we have access to fresh fruit, veg and milk in the snack area. Here we can sit on a cushion and relax as we enjoy a healthy snack to recharge, ready for more learning. 

Maths area

Maths area 1
The Maths area is a place for us to explore and investigate. We have a variety of resources the children can access independently to help enhance their mathematical understanding. We try to incorporate Maths into everything we do to ensure the children have a solid mathematical foundation. 

Home area

Home area 1
Our role play area is set up as the Foundation home. We can sit around the dining table, cook tasty meals in the pretend kitchen and relax in the lounge area. Using our imagination and our own home experiences in a real life context can help us to develop our communication and language skills.

Small World play

Small World play 1
Our small world tray changes often based on the children's interests. Using our imagination is important when we are playing and helps to develop our social skills and communication. 

Physical development

Physical development 1
An important area of learning in foundation is physical development. We learn how to control objects like balls, how to move our bodies with control and how to move across the adventure play trail. We sometimes have a go at learning games like hockey.

Literacy and Number Sheds

Literacy and Number Sheds 1
Our outdoor Literacy and Number sheds provide the children with the opportunity to bring their learning outside.

Sand Area

Sand Area 1
The Sand Area is very popular with the foundation children and link really well with our maths area. There are lots of opportunities for the children to compare and weigh using scales and sand. It also is a great opportunity for the children to use their imagination often playing dinosaur and cooking games.

Investigation Table

Investigation Table 1
Our Investigations Table aims to get the children to use objects in a way that they come up with. This promotes there communication and interactions skills aswell as their imagination.

Finger Gym

Finger Gym 1
The Finger Gym is an area that gives the children an opportunity to develop their fine motor skills with activities such as threading or using pegs and tweezers.
Transport topic areas ...

Car wash

Car wash 1
As part of our transport topic we have created a car wash role play area. The children enjoy using the buckets, sponges and soapy water to wash their bikes then drive them through the dryer for a sparkling finish.


Garage 1
As part of our transport topic we have created a Garage role play area. There are lots of tools and a petrol pump to support the children's imagination as they become mechanics. They have enjoyed pretending to fix the bikes and filling them up with fuel. 

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