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Year 6 Enterprise Week Mon 10th June - Friday 14th June 2019

Y6 Enterprise Week 2019

During the week, Monday 10th to Friday 14th June 2019, Year 6 will be holding their enterprise week. In groups, the children have decided on what they are going to sell and how much they are going to sell each item for. They have discussed vocabulary involving Enterprise: profit, stock and expenses. There will be six stalls set up on each day of the week:

· A drinks stall

· A cake stall

· A pick’n’mix sweet stall

· A lucky dip bag stall

· A games stall

· A guess the name / amount stall

The stalls will run from 3.15pm – 3.45pm every day and will all be located on the front playground.

The prices for the items on sale will range from 20p to £1.50.

Please come along to support our wonderful year 6 children

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