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  • Daily Phonics sessions - click link ( Please see your Dojo message to ensure you start on the right videos.
  • Daily Reading - please read stories at home with your child. You can find lots of stories online (please see useful websites for online stories below)
  • Listen to your child’s class teacher reading a story online - link will be posted on dojo weekly. 


  • Draw a picture of a space rocket or astronaut - can you label the different parts on the rocket or astronaut? e.g. door, helmet, thrusters, rocket boosters, boots, window etc.



  • Use the PowerPoints and videos at the bottom of the page to learn about Space. Discuss what you already know. Which is your favourite planet? Why do you like that planet? What else is in Space? Talk about some of the things you might like to find out about space. Practise using a questioning word (what, where, why, how, when) at the start of your question.


  • Use the sentence stem "My favourite planet is___because__"


Maths - Number bonds to 10

This week our focus in Maths is number bonds to 10. 

Please watch one of our short videos everyday. In the videos there are some short practise activities. What you will need for each video is shown below. 

In the videos you will be told when to complete a challenge. The challenges are an opportunity for the children to have a go at applying their knowledge independently. 


Don't forget to send pictures of you completing the challenges or watching the videos to your child's teacher on Dojo to earn a Dojo point! 

Wednesday 4th January - Number bonds video 1

Still image for this video
Welcome to our first video on number bonds.
To complete the activities in this video you will need to have a pencil and a piece of paper ready.

Once you finish this video you can have a go at Challenge 1 below.

Thursday 8th January 2021 - Number bonds video 2

Still image for this video
Today we will be having a go at changing the tens frame to match the number sentence so you will need a print out of the tens frame spaceship and aliens or you could draw a tens frame and colour it in or fill it with objects such as buttons or coins.
Now have a go at Challenge 2 below.

Friday 8th January 2021 - Number bonds video 3

Still image for this video
This is our third and final session on number bonds for this week. We will be applying everything we have learnt in the last two sessions to explore number bonds to 10.
You will need a pencil, some paper and your tens frame and aliens or what ever you chose to use as a substitute at home.
After you have finished this video have a go at challenge 3 below.
Further maths activities - optional

Space theme activities


Complete at least one of these activities each week


Understanding the World - Take a look at the space powerpoints below. Can you learn some facts about the different planets? 


Expressive Arts and Design  -  Can you make a space rocket/ship using objects around your house?

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