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Your child will be able to have daily phonics lessons by watching the phonics videos found on our website. Here is the link:
Your child's teacher will have let you know which Set of sounds to start on. Phonics lessons will be uploaded to the website regularly.
So your child can practise using their phonics to read, you also have access to online phonics  books. The “Phonics at Home How to Guide for Year 1 Parents” above will show you how to login and use the phonics books.
Here is the link for online phonics books:
Should you have any questions, please let your child's teacher know.
We would love to see any learning you do at home so please share pictures of what you get up to during your phonics sessions on your Dojo Portfolio.

Questions To Ask When Reading With Your Child

Year 1 were working really hard on their cursive handwriting in school and were all making fab progress! You can now keep practising at home too!  

This weeks letters:  j  v  w  x  y  z

Please use the Cursive Letter Formation PWPT to practise forming each cursive letter. If you click on the pencil it will trace the letter from the correct starting point to the end. There are also sheets you can use to practise the letters for the week or you can simply practise in your work book or on lined paper :) 

Remember to start from the line and whoosh up ... 

Year 1 - First 100 High Frequency Words

To continue and extend your spelling practise and sight reading skills, you can use the Year 1 High Frequency Word Mat above to choose a selection of words to practise that suit the needs of your child. The children have learnt and been tested on the Year 1 45 Common Exception words across the academic year. Therefore, by broadening the list and allowing you to choose the words that your child needs this will eliminate your child practising and testing on words they already know. 

Any questions please get in touch with your class teacher :) 

To access the corresponding video lessons, courtesy of White Rose Maths, follow the link:

This week's learning is under Summer Term Week 12 WB 13.7.20

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