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Foundation and Kingfisher Rehabilitation Ward

Foundation and the Kingfisher Unit

Our Foundation children have been visiting the Kingfisher Unit which is a 30-bed inpatient rehabilitation ward at Mount Gould hospital. To help the wellbeing of the patients the matron arranged for the pupils to be taught on the ward. 

The children had their lunch with the patients and then have their afternoon lessons on the ward.  The activities including, basic CPR, painting, gardening, reading, art, dancing and games.  They also had a visit from Dartmoor Zoo and the Donkey Sanctuary. This helped to improve the wellbeing of the patients and several wonderful bonds were formed over the few weeks that they have visited the ward. This has been a fantastic intergenerational project for our school to take part in. This has helped to improve the co-ordination of the patients and we hope to continue our links with the ward in the future. 


At the end of their shared time on the ward they celebrated with a fabulous party. 


Plymouth City Council and the Kingfisher Unit

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