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Curriculum Values

Our Mission Statement

Salisbury Road is a school where every person matters and every person belongs.

Our school community is safe, happy and inspiring. Together we challenge our children to achieve their very best. In developing enquiring minds and a love of learning, we will create the strong foundations for future success.



Our Values

Term 1

Happiness – What makes me happy?

- How can I make others happy?


Term 2

Respect – What does respect mean to me?

- How do I show respect to others?


Term 3

Aspiration – What do I want to achieve?

- How can I work with others to achieve my goals?


Term 4

Responsibility – What does responsibility mean to me?

- How can I work with others to be responsible?


Term 5

Unity – What does belonging mean to me?

- What can I do to make others feel that they belong?



Term 6

Courage – What makes me courageous?

- How can I overcome challenges?

School Motto / Visitor Count

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