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Welcome back to the summer term! 


We hope you've all had a super Easter and not eaten too many Easter eggs! We are very much looking forward to getting back into the classroom and starting some exciting new learning in what is your last term of primary school! Can you believe it? Don't worry, we will make sure it is your best term ever and will fill it with all sorts of fun too. As ever, if you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch via Dojo or the school office :) 


This term, we will be building on all the brilliant learning you did in the Spring term. We will be covering a range of objectives from across the curriculum to solidify your understanding. Our maths targets this term are fraction focused - we will be recapping this regularly with the hope that we can work with fractions confidently! 


Times tables are so important to many areas of maths and you need to be able to have quick recall. Keep using Times Tables Rockstars several times a week so you can recall your times tables as quickly as possible.



During English this term, we will first be focusing on narrative and descriptive writing. Vocabulary will be a huge focus - so look forward to exploring the wonderful world of words!  Following this, we will be learning about persuasion and writing letters to Mrs Moran convincing her to give us a treat! Of course, underpinning all of this will be our SPACEWAVESALVE writing tools - which we will be aiming to include in all of our written work. :-)  



We will be exploring the topics of Forces and Living Things and Their Habitats. For our Forces topic, we will learn about the force of gravity, as well as water and air resistance and friction. When looking at living things, we will find out about classification and have the opportunity to create our own classification keys after using them to categorise animals and plants. We will also learn about the scientist Edward Jenner and his ground breaking working on creating vaccines.



In reading this term, our class book is 'The Adventurers and the Temple of Treasure' by Jemma Hatt which will link in nicely with our topic of Ancient Egypt.  The story even begins in Cornwall! So, hopefully the children will be engaged from the off set. We will be reading this during our daily reading lessons, along with focusing on the key skills of reading: VIPERS (vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and sequencing/summarising).


Reading at home is so important for many reasons and we ask that you read regularly (minimum 4 times a week) at home. Prizes are up for grabs at the end of the term for those that do this! Remember, the more often you read, the sooner you get to quiz on AR and move up those levels! 



This term we will begin to learn about Ancient Egypt. We are travelling way back in time to learn about the beliefs of these fascinating societies and look at similarities and differences between the different aspects of their culture. We will also link some artwork to this topic and have the opportunity to make clay canopic jars - but don't worry, we won't stuff them with body parts! 




In PSHE. we will be learning about relationships and feelings we can have relating to loss. We will also be learning about puberty, how babies are made and their development through pregnancy.



We are incredibly fortunate this term to have secured the loan of some genuine African Djembe drums and we will be using some online materials from Charanga Music to support our skills, the learning of rhythms and even songs! 


PE kits will need to be in school each week. PE will be on Tuesdays this term and will it developing skills for Netball. 


Homework is going to remain solely: reading, times tables and spelling practise. As this is a lighter than normal load for homework, we really are expecting a minimum of four log ins to TTRS, signatures in reading records and daily spelling practise to prepare for the weekly test on Friday. 


We are very much looking forward to what should be a 'normal' term in school - fingers crossed. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us via Dojo or email. Thanks for your co-operation. 


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