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Class 4JB

Welcome to the summer term.


We hope you had a fantastic Easter break and are refreshed and ready to start a new term of learning.  

This term, we will be enjoying PE lessons outside in the warmer weather and will also be working hard to learn our times tables!

We have some exciting new topics in geography and science where we will be doing some fun fieldwork and conducting experiments.

It is wonderful that we are all back together in the classroom.



This term, we are going to be studying information texts, fantasy stories and narrative poetry. 


Our unit on information texts will focus on the genre features and how to write an effective information text all about an fantastical underwater sea creature that you have created.

Our learning will be based on the amazing picture book called Flotsam.


Our English unit on fantasy stories will involve a character journeying through a portal into an underwater fantasy world where it will meet your fantastical sea creature!


In amongst all of this, we will be learning new aspects and revising a range of grammar and punctuation: fronted adverbials, subordinate clauses, expanded noun phrases, using apostrophes and speech marks.




This term we will be learning all about fractions: counting in tenths, finding equivalent fractions and adding fractions together.

We will also be exploring coordinates, shape and statistics. 


Don't forget to keep practising your times tables - these are VERY important!

Challenge yourself to beat your classmates on TTRS.



This term we will be finding out about climate zones around the world and studying the similarities and differences between them. We will be learning new vocabulary too: longitude, latitude and equator. 


In the second half term, we will be exploring rivers. We will find out about the longest rivers around the world and in the UK and we will also learn about the different parts and features of a river. 


We are hoping to go on a field trip to a Dartmoor river later in the term - watch this space!



This term we will be learning all about animals including humans where we will explore the digestive system, types of teeth and the words producer, predator and prey. 


We will also be finding out about the three different states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. 

We will be doing investigations all about evaporation and condensation too. 







Please remember to read at home four times a week to an adult. It is also really important that you record your reading in your reading record so your teacher can see how much you are reading at home. 

 We will be continuing to practise our reading skills 5x a week using VIPERS to help us.

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