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Welcome back to another fantastic term in Year 3! We are so excited about this term. We have lots of wonderful activities planned for the children. The Summer term always brings a exciting energy, with lots of outdoor learning opportunities available. This term, we will be exploring the world we live in by learning about rocks, soils and volcanos! We are so proud of each and every member of year 3. The success we have had so far in reading is amazing! It would be great to continue this love of learning by practising reading a variety of books at home. It is really important that the children continue to practise their times tables. Lots of the learning for this term will require the children to know their 3,4 and 8 times tables. As always, if you have any concerns or questions then please do not hesitate to speak to one of the year 3 team. 


As Writers we will be learning how to write  persuasively.  The children will continue to focus on  constructing a variety of  sentences,. We will  continue to focus on learning how to use effective   conjunctions to make our sentences interesting. We will be focus on using  punctuation accurately,     ensuring we understand how to use full stops and commas correctly. We will move onto learning how to write a mystery text and will spend time in our reading lessons unpicking how these stories are   constructed. We will be having 5 reading sessions a week this term to support our reading skills. 


As Mathematicians we will be learning about measure. We will learn how to measure using a variety of measurements including kg, g, mm and cm. We will then move onto learning how to tell the time. Throughout the term, will be focusing on  calculations, fractions and times tables.  We will be having a big focus on times table recall this term to allow the children to have a secure understanding to help them with mathematical concepts that require the children to use their times tables.


As Geographers we will be learning about the world that we live in. We will be comparing the United Kingdom to Italy and will learn how to locate places using a map. The children will move onto learning about volcanos and  earthquakes, studying how they are formed and why they happen. 


As Scientists we will be learning about rocks and soils. The children will explore the different types of rocks and how they are formed. The children will learn about fossils and explore how natural  geography plays a key part in how rocks are formed. We will then move onto learning about light. We will be learning about shadows, light and dark and      conducting a variety of experiments.


Check out these links to get you started with this term's learning!

Year 3 4 spelling lists


As Writers we will start the term looking at Historical Fiction based on the Romans.  We will look at how characters behave, how settings influence the story and how vocabulary allows the reader to hook the story in the past.  Later in the term we will continue to use the Romans as we switch to non-fiction texts, in particular persuasive writing.  Throughout all our writing, we will focus on accurate punctuation including the correct punctuation of speech.  We will continue to extend our ideas using a range of conjunctions as well as developing our application of a wide range fronted adverbials.  Most importantly, as much work will be on the computer, please take time to practice your handwriting.



This term, we would like the children to focus on their key skills and work towards meeting their individual targets.  With this in mind, it is important that they continue to use TTRS to learning their times table, practice their spellings and read as often as possible. 



Please read at home – Every day!

While I would love all children to read daily - what is most important is that children develop a love of reading and choose to read for pleasure, as a school we encourage children to read for 10-20 minutes on most days.  


 Remember, when reading for pleasure , the library offers many historical fiction and non-fiction books linked to the Romans.


Children are able to access books online, please speak to your child's class teacher about this.   As always,  please come and have a chat if you have any questions linked to the AR scheme or would like to know ways to engage your child with reading at home.



We will be learning spellings as part of our provision with a test once a week on a Friday. These words will be linked to the year 3 spelling patterns as well as the year 3/4 NC required word lists. See links below.



This term, PE will be via online resources.  Please take advantage of what is on offer as well as enjoying exercising outside with your family.

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