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Welcome back to School, we hope you have all enjoyed a restful time with your families.  

We are looking forward to strengthening relationships and doing some fabulous learning!

We have made a great start to the term, and have been working on this terms theme of Happiness and Respect.  This term, we will learn about the seven continents and about the great oceans that envelop those continents too. We will then find out about the rich history of Plymouth and what makes it so important and so very special now and over time. 


We are all looking forward to the term ahead and know that we will have a fantastic time. Please be assured that if you have any questions or concerns we will always be willing to listen and will do our best to ensure that your child is happy in school.

Check out these links to get you started with this term's learning!



This term we will be focusing on phonics. We will be reading words and texts while practising our phonics skills. In addition, the children will complete daily group reading and writing tasks.  We will also be reading traditional tales and writing stories based upon some of our favourites! Handwriting development is very important in Year 2. We will continue to practice forming our letters correctly using a cursive style, ready to join our writing later in the term. 

In Year 2, we encourage the children to read at home as often as possible and at least four times a week. We ask that you support your child with sounding out words and talking about the text. It often helps children to understand much better when they can retell stories and relate them to their own experiences.  All of the children who read regularly will be entered into a prize draw where they can win some fabulous new books!  



As Mathematicians, we will use numbers up to 100 to help us understand that two-digit numbers are made up of tens and ones. This understanding will support our learning about addition and subtraction. We will learn about how we can add and subtract a multiple of ten to/from a number; we will explore what happens to the tens value when we add/subtract a single-digit number to/from a two-digit number; we will start to learn mental methods to calculate with more efficiency; and we will apply this learning to a range of contexts.




In geography, we will revise our understanding of the 7 continents of the world. We will learn where they are and in which continent we live. We will learn about the oceans that engulf our planet and the names of these. We will also learn about atlases and how to use them effectively. Along with this, we will consider where Plymouth is in the UK and use appropriate terminology to  describe the geographical features of Plymouth and its surroundings. This will lead in to our history topic in which we will discuss the importance of Plymouth’s    location and how this has impacted on its history.


In science, we will continue to unpick our understanding of animals and the surroundings in which they live. We will consider the variety of habitats that surround us locally but start to consider habitats around the world. We will have discussions about how animals have adapted to their environment in order to survive and discuss what they need in order to survive.

We will also think about whether something has ever been alive, dead or is living and start to learn about the life processes that living things do in order to stay alive.


We are very much looking forward to some fantastic art projects. We will be exploring the works of Brian Pollard, a local artist. We will be looking at pencil control and how to alter the shade of a colour when using paints and then creating our own inspirational paintings. 


Pupils will develop a range of physical skills in P.E. We will refine our movement skills and consider how to control our bodies when completing various sporting activities. We will look at accurate throwing and catching, dribbling and ball control and how to hold our bodies when moving with PE equipment. We will do this through a variety of games.


PE sessions are on Thursdays. Please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school ready for these lessons. You are welcome to leave it in school and take it home at the end of each week.




Homework activities will be sent home on Tuesdays, ready to be returned by the following Monday. They will normally have a maths or    English focus and will relate to learning that has been happening in school.

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