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Class 2PK

Welcome to the Spring Term!


A new year and most definitely a new start! We have lots of exciting learning to be getting our teeth stuck into this term, albeit remotely! Every day, you will still be able to take part in a live lessons and also access some pre-recorded lessons covering all areas of the curriculum.


Our topic this term is all about the Great Fire of London. We will learn all about the events of the fire, the causes and then the impact. Along with this, we will continue to use the Year 2 Reading Spine to develop our experiences of reading. We will have a focus on Dr Seuss and will a number of other texts from our Reading Spine. These will also help us with our writing lessons.




We will begin this term with reading stories written by the author, Dr Seuss. You may well have heard of him because some of his stories have been turned in to films, such as his story How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Our focus text will be the story, The Lorax. We will unpick the main characters, particularly the Once-ler, and consider how his greed got the better of him. We will learn how to write stories to entertain the reader, using Dr Seuss as inspiration!



Later in the term, we will use another story from our Reading Spine, The Nightzookeeper! It is a fantastic adventure story. Watch this space to find out more! All will be revealed…


Along with this, there will be a series of shorter units that will also aim to both develop a love of reading and story, as well as lead to us improving our writing skills and become brilliant Year 2 writers. We will also learn how to write non-fiction and use what we learn in history to write a diary entry as if we had experienced the fire itself.


We will continue to learn all the spelling as detailed in the Appendix below. 






As Mathematicians, we will continue to use numbers up to 100 to help us understand that two-digit numbers are made up of tens and ones.


This term, we will have a focus on multiplication and division and how this can be used to help us understand fractions. The target for this term is to become really secure at using and applying what we know about the 2s, 5s and 10s.



We will revise our addition and subtraction skills.


Along with this, we will also learn about statistics and how to measure length, mass and volume.





In History, we are learning about the Great Fire of London. We will learn about how the fire started and what made the fire spread quickly. We will learn about the impact the fire had on London too. We will use a graphic organiser as shown in the picture to help us remember and recall key facts from the event.


In Science, we are learning all about Everyday Materials. We will be unpicking the names of materials and their properties. We will explore the suitability of materials for various purposes.


In art, we will be making pictures based on the Great Fire of London. We will learn how to create a fire effect and make silhouettes of the fire.


This term, PE will be via online resources.  Please take advantage of what is on offer as well as enjoying exercising.

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