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Welcome to Year 4!


Well this isn't the way we wanted to start 2021 but instead of learning together at school we are embracing a new way of learning for now - at home!


Even though we're not working together in the classroom, we still have lots of fantastic learning to look forward to this term.


Our topic this term will be based around the Ancient Greeks. 


Read on to find out more...



This term, we are going to be studying discussion texts, poetry and myths and legends. 


Our unit on discussion texts will focus on the genre features and how to write an effective discussion text. You will be writing a very topical discussion...

'Should children be educated at school?'


We will also be studying some fantastic poems by the author Rachel Rooney - one of the UK's most highly acclaimed poets. 


Our English unit on Myths and Legends will link alongside our History topic on the Ancient Greeks. 


In amongst all of this, we will be learning new aspects of grammar and punctuation: expanded noun phrases, using apostrophes and speech marks.



This term we will be learning how to calculate area and perimeter and the difference between the two. 
We will also be learning how to write decimals and how to add and subtract using money.  


Don't forget to keep practising your times tables - these are VERY important!

Each week there is an opportunity to battle between the year 4 classes on TTRS.



Our history topic this term is Ancient Greece. 

We will be learning the key events throughout this period of history - the persian wars, the battle of Marathon, the reign of Alexander the Great and the legacy that the Greeks have left with us today. 


We will also be creating Ancient greek pots using clay and tasting a variety of Greek food. 



Please remember to read at home four times a week to an adult. We will be continuing to practise our reading skills using VIPERS to help us.

If you need access to reading books whilst at home, don't forget to use the ebooks from the Plymouth School Library Service. You'll find the link below. 





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