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Welcome back to School Team G, we hope you have all enjoyed a restful time with your families and made lots of awesome memories!  


While there may be many changes in and around school, please don't worry as we will still have a great time with lots of exciting learning opportunities planned.


We are all starting to get to know each other and we have made a great start to our learning, and have been working on this terms theme of Happiness ( they have already made me very happy).  Our Topic focus this term is History and  Geography based, where we will be learning all about Life in The Stone Age. We will also be developing our skills as Historical Botanists through our science unit of plants! It would be great to hear any plant growing stories from your time at home if you did any.


It really will be an amazing year and I am sure you will love being in 3SG. Get ready for lots of smiles, giggles and me getting all theatrial when I am teaching you (I do love to act out what I am teaching). Let's do this! 

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